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Brya Lee

I was the Metaphysical Practitioner for the renown five star Canyon Ranch Resort in Lenox for the past ten years doing Astrology, Mediumship, Tarot and lecturing on The Power of Numerology. There I met with people from around the world and from every class and sect. I have recently moved from a Berkshire Mountain top home in the pine forest and singing brook back to Northampton where I went to Smith studying Art History. At fourteen I went to see the nine  year old guru for what was called The Knowledge. It was an initiation process engaging the Inner Light. I followed the instructions and went home to practice in my attic. I was told there was an inner nirvana that could be reached.  Suddenly I felt a primal energy all through me come into the room. I felt something uncoil in my lower back. While using a mantra with my eyes closed and concentrating at a center spot between my eyes, a bright light 1000 times brighter than our sun struck through me. For the next three days I was on a current of love and was in a state of pure awareness. Everything was being done for me, I needed to do nothing, life was filled with ease and I was filled with joy. From that day forward I could read peoples Palms with great accuracy. Subsequently, I began doing Tarot and Astrology. It was 1971. Then in Northampton I was the manager at a local fine jewelry shop doing gemology and jewelry design for fourteen years. I find great healing from the color and crystals’ light rays which can clear our past and future for more abundance and love to come into our lives. I went on to Kripalu Yoga Center to get a certificate in bodywork while studying medicinal plants. The world of synchronicity is all around us sending us instant messages at all times. I trust in this connection and find great joy in helping others to connect with their higher self. Please visit me to cut through the clouds to pristine clarity and peace.

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