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Cabrini Merclean

Cabrini Merclean (she/they) embarked on her spiritual journey at the tender age of 12 when she received her first set of Tarot cards. This early introduction ignited a lifelong fascination with the mystical realms of the occult and spirituality. In her late teens, Cabrini’s quest for knowledge led her to a Taoist martial arts school in Yonkers, New York, where she immersed herself in intensive study for 8 years.

Following her college years and a transformative experience with the Peace Corps, Cabrini’s journey took her to the Wu Dang Taoist Kung Fu Academy on Wu Dang Mountain in China. There, she resided within the confines of a Taoist monastery for approximately a year, dedicating herself to the practices of Tai Qi, Kung Fu, and Qi Gong. This profound period of training deeply influenced Cabrini’s spiritual path, laying the foundation for her exploration of the occult and energy work, which form the cornerstone of her practice today.

Cabrini’s approach to Tarot readings is uniquely informed by her immersion in East Asian spiritual traditions, particularly Taoism and Buddhism. She emphasizes the importance of managing, moving, protecting, and cultivating spiritual energy towards deep self-love. Drawing from both Eastern and Western occult practices, Cabrini integrates Hermetic principles into her spiritual rituals and readings.

In her own occult practice, Cabrini focuses on honing her inner vision to serve others at various stages of their journey. Her readings cover a wide range of topics including career, family dynamics, relationships, and spiritual growth. As someone who navigated the complexities of growing up queer in a small town and the daughter of a refugee, Cabrini understands firsthand how trauma can inform our patterns and shadows.

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