Combines mental clarity and strength of will with a high sense of spiritual purpose and purity of one’s energies. Puts one’s personal power in service to highest aspirations. Dispels negative energies in one’s …

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Creates a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm. Enhances mindful analysis. Helps one to realize that the state of perfection is the natural state of being.

Apophyllite, Green

Enhances honesty. Reduces fears, anxieties, and apprehensions. Amplifies one’s connection with nature, particularly devas, faeries, and earth spirits.


Stone of courage. Brings strength of mind, firmness of purpose & confidence in difficult situations. Used to assist one in taking the actions dictated by the heart’s desire.

Boji Stone

Found on the base of a natural pyramid mount in Kansas, the center of the continental USA. Typically used in pairs – a smoother stone which has Yin or female energy and is referred …

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Chiastolite (Cross Stone)

Traditionally used to ward off the “evil eye”. Symbolizes death and re-birth. Can be helpful during transitions.


Resolves emotional imbalances and awakens the heart. Promotes forgiveness and compassion for others. Connects one to nature and encourages a youthful outlook on life.

Citrine – Heat-Treated

Enables one to be more assertive and outgoing. Dispels heaviness of emotion and allows one to see things in a more positive light. Helps one enforce boundaries with others.

Citrine – Natural

Helps bring in divine energy to manifest one’s intentions. Assists with decision making in difficult situations. Supports abundance and positive self esteem.


Colorless beryl originally discovered locally in Goshen, MA! Stimulates the mental centers and enhances one’s ability to think logically. Enhances power of prayer and increases one’s loyalty to the truth.


Works by opening one’s etheric body to increased levels of divine light, allowing for greater feelings of compassion and joy. Helps one express themselves openly and honestly. Can assist mediums and channels incontacting …

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Enhances self healing via visualization Increases one’s receptivity to messages from the spiritual world Helps with consistency and cutting through unfair criticism

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