Kyanite – Blue

Aligns the chakras and closes gaps in one’s auric field. Broadens perspective, allowing one to accept new ideas Assists with meditation and dream recall.

Rose Quartz

Stone of universal love. Emanates positive loving vibrations that soothe the heart and soul. Promotes compassion towards others and restores ones faith in the Divine.


Compared to antennas which attune to the frequency of the Divine. Excellent healing and manifestation stone and works faster in these processes than other crystals by blocking out any unnecessary interference, both from …

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Assists in processing large amounts of information. Can be used to access past – and future – lives. Clears the auric body and assists with the connection to the higher self.


Great stone for strengthening cohesion in groups, whether they be family, co-workers, or a team of athletes. Encourages opening one’s heart to others and displaying genuine feelings of love. Stimulates the crown chakra …

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Encourages happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, affection, pleasure, and joy. Helps one see the fundamental goodness of the universe. Supports healthy habits and the breakage of self destructive patterns.


Useful in promoting group efforts. Effectively moves energy. Provides for the synthesis of personal power, physical energy, and creativity, producing a stimulation of the electric currents within the body and facilitating the removal …

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