Helps with grief and loss Diminishes self-pity helping one to find their point of power. Helps procrastinators move forward.


Useful for energizing and harmonizing the heart and throat chakras, bringing an enhanced ability to clearly communicate the wisdom of the heart. Removes blockages to emotional bonding with others. Helps one ‘shine’ in …

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Apophyllite, Green

Enhances honesty. Reduces fears, anxieties, and apprehensions. Amplifies one’s connection with nature, particularly devas, faeries, and earth spirits.


Powerfully opens the throat chakra enhances one’s communication skills. Cooling, calming, and soothing. Expands intellectual capabilities.

Aragonite – Blue

Excellent tool for those trying to recover from addiction, as it enhances positive emotional states and helps relieve past traumas that drive addicts towards their vice of choice. Stabilizes the user and helps …

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Assists one in releasing attachment and being present on one’s life. Helps one to heal and move forward. Promotes hope, optimism, and joy in everyday life.

Buddstone (Verdite)

Can be used to gain information from one’s elders, both past and living. “Polishes” away one’s abrasive tendencies and ease disharmony in relationships. Stimulates the first four chakras, encouraging the movement of Kundalini …

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Produces strong will Assists in endeavors requiring bravery and courage Enhances worldly abilities


Enhances feminine energies and activates one’s connection to the goddess. Clears the throat chakra and assists with speaking one’s highest truth. Awakens compassion, balances emotions and brings peace to the mind and heart.


Resolves emotional imbalances and awakens the heart. Promotes forgiveness and compassion for others. Connects one to nature and encourages a youthful outlook on life.


Helps the user quiet the mind and detach from chaotic situations. Clears and opens the crown chakra and links it with the heart, allowing one to move in consciousness into the angelic realm, …

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Heightens intellect and promotes openness to learning Supports an objective pride in ones abilities, allowing for humility and respect of other’s contributions Heals the heart and aligns the chakras

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