Enhances one’s connections to the higher domains. Creates a psychic shield of protection. Acts as an inner key to the realms of Light.


Great stone for channeling. Allows one to stay grounded while receiving messages from the other side. Helps manifest intentions in loving ways.


Powerfully opens the throat chakra enhances one’s communication skills. Cooling, calming, and soothing. Expands intellectual capabilities.

Aragonite – Blue

Excellent tool for those trying to recover from addiction, as it enhances positive emotional states and helps relieve past traumas that drive addicts towards their vice of choice. Stabilizes the user and helps …

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Connects one to future selves, allowing one to see the outcomes of their choices Protects against nightmares Helps one reclaim their power following traumatic experiences

Aventurine – Blue

Assists those needing to overcome “Peter Pan syndrome” and helps one accept that adulthood is preferable to eternal youth. Promotes acceptance of responsibility and owning one’s personal power. Stimulates the third eye chakra …

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Produces strong will Assists in endeavors requiring bravery and courage Enhances worldly abilities


Increases vitality Enhances creativity and, in adults, heightened sexuality. Brings people who are ‘too spiritual’ into an enjoyment and appreciation of the physical world.


Helps one identify goals and work toward them without confinement. Eliminates feeling of abandonment. Powerful throat chakra opener and communication enhancer.


Balances the energies of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Alleviates hostility, anger and depression. Promotes generosity, higher consciousness and receptiveness to all the beauty that life has to offer us every day.


Enhances feminine energies and activates one’s connection to the goddess. Clears the throat chakra and assists with speaking one’s highest truth. Awakens compassion, balances emotions and brings peace to the mind and heart.


Increases happiness and helps one attain the ultimate in any area. Enhances creativity. Cleanses blockages from the etheric body like a moving river.

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