Anthracite Coal

Supports the healing of body tissues. Historically carried by thieves to avoid detection. Attracts wealth and abundance


Connects one to future selves, allowing one to see the outcomes of their choices Protects against nightmares Helps one reclaim their power following traumatic experiences

Chinese Writing Stone

Porphyry with inclusions of feldspar that resemble Chinese script. Can be used to access the Akashic records and enhances one’s ability to interpret information. Good for adjusting to change in order to execute …

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Chrysanthemum Stone

Helps one appreciate the unfolding of each petal in the “flower” of life. Acts as a magnet for positive synchronicities and good luck. Stimulates creative energies and helps bring one’s ideas into the …

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Diopside – Black Star

Used to unlock the secrets held deep within and reveals the mysteries of magic to your conscious mind. Sometimes called the “crying” gemstone, because it is believed by crystal healers to heal by …

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Healer’s Gold

Combination of pyrite and magnetite Source of life force energy and can be used on any or all of the chakras to balance the flow of energy in one’s etheric field. Acts as …

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Can assist in purification of the energies of our physical and energetic circulatory systems. Most widely used stone for ‘grounding’, and it is said to energize both the root chakra at the base …

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Enhances self healing via visualization Increases one’s receptivity to messages from the spiritual world Helps with consistency and cutting through unfair criticism


Alleviates and brings grief to the surface to be healed. Has very powerful protection energies to ward off evil, negativity, and psychic attacks. It is also said to protect finances and protect from …

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Assists with interdimensional travel and enhances metaphysical abilities and sensitivity Cancels spells, repels negativity, and assists in detoxification of one’s life Calming and nurturing, engaging elemental energy to help one harmonize with nature

Lava Stone

Helps combat abrasive character traits and alleviates negative attitudes. Reminds one not to drown in their despair when faced with heavy emotional burdens. Can help one settle karmic issues.

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