Connects one to future selves, allowing one to see the outcomes of their choices Protects against nightmares Helps one reclaim their power following traumatic experiences


Helpful in the development and furthering of creative endeavors Uplifting in emotional situations Reminds one that they contain the inherent perfection of “All That Is”

Fairy Stone

Promotes nurturing of the Earth and those upon it. Brings practical solutions to everyday problems. Helps one stay grounded during channeling.


Increases honesty and self-discipline. Fosters practicality without eliminating whimsy. Great stone for people who are shy.


Associated with alchemy. Sets one forth on the path to enlightenment, refusing to let them stray course until they’ve reached their destination. Ideal for soul retrieval, allowing the user to sink many levels …

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Can assist in purification of the energies of our physical and energetic circulatory systems. Most widely used stone for ‘grounding’, and it is said to energize both the root chakra at the base …

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Enhances self healing via visualization Increases one’s receptivity to messages from the spiritual world Helps with consistency and cutting through unfair criticism


Assists one in the discovery and practice of magic. Unleashes the power of imagination to help release limitations. Provides quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration.


Aligns the auric field and brings about balance to the energetic bodies. Grounds excessive energies preventing psychic burn-out and limits mood swings. It helps protective energy for psychics and healers.

Meteorite, Chondrite

Assists in connection and communication with star beings. Carries the spiritual records of the solar system. Stabilizes the emotional body. 

Meteorite, Nickel-Iron

Initiates spiritual growth and focuses more on the process rather than the outcome. Assists with maintaining structure and routine in everyday life. Helps one find the spiritual in the mundane.

Meteorite, Pallasite

Grounds those who are spacey. Connects with energy of abundance and manifests intentions. Helps stabilize the emotional field, especially for empaths. 

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