Helps highly sensitive and spiritual people feel comfortable and ‘at home’ on Earth. Permits access to past life memories & the Akashic records. Can be used to repair holes in the aura & …

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Assists in maintaining serenity in trying circumstances. Heals past wounds & releases long held drama and ego. Provides insight and helps one center for meditation


Stone of self-awareness. Reveals one’s divine blueprint, helping them be more in tune with their true purpose. Combats symptoms of apathy, such as addiction, overeating, and depression.


Helps integrate one’s connection with spirit into the physical world, or rather, it reminds the user that Heaven is already on earth, and reveals the embodiments of the Divine in everyday life. Improves …

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Self-transformation stone Takes the user and turns them into the highest version of themselves. Reminds one that they are supported by spirit when transition becomes difficult.

Chiastolite (Cross Stone)

Traditionally used to ward off the “evil eye”. Symbolizes death and re-birth. Can be helpful during transitions.


Helps one overcome blockages related to ego, narcisissm, and vanity. Promotes acceptance and appreciation of one’s present circumstances. Assists in directing energy to manifest’s one’s dreams, doing so by reminding the user remain …

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Heals issues related to a lack of grounding. Attracts that which one needs to survive. Alleviates worries over situations that are out of one’s control.


A unique phenomenon that occurs when lightning strikes sand, silica, or soil. The material melts and cools in long tubes resembling the shape of the lightning. For this reason, it is also called …

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Works by opening one’s etheric body to increased levels of divine light, allowing for greater feelings of compassion and joy. Helps one express themselves openly and honestly. Can assist mediums and channels incontacting …

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Herkimer Diamonds

Clears the mind for meditation, psychic readings, dreaming. In meditation or pillow, it wonderfully enhances visualization, astral travel into the light and dream recall. Can be used as bridge to stimulate energy flow …

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Kyanite – Blue

Aligns the chakras and closes gaps in one’s auric field. Broadens perspective, allowing one to accept new ideas Assists with meditation and dream recall.

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