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Hamdiya Ahmed

With over 7 years of dedicated practice in astrology, Hamdiya Ahmed is a seasoned astrologer adept at interpreting charts. Her proficiency extends across various schools of astrological thought, encompassing modern, traditional, and Hellenistic approaches. Hamdiya skillfully integrates elements from diverse frameworks into her readings, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of each chart.

Under the guidance of Chris Brennan, she received training in Hellenistic Astrology through his Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology program. Additionally, Hamdiya has conducted extensive independent research on various astrological texts, further enriching her knowledge and insights.

Hamdiya specializes in a wide array of reading techniques, including natal charts, synastry charts (comparative readings between two or more individuals), composite charts (using a midpoint method to create a unified chart based on each person’s planetary positions in synastry), and solar return charts (predicting the course of one’s year based on planetary positions during the Sun’s return to their natal degree). Her expertise also extends to astrological timing techniques such as transits, profection years, and zodiacal releasing.

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