Jade (all variations)

Black Jade

  • Acts like a spiritual bodyguard, protecting against vulnerability to negative forces.
  • Can be used as an invilibility cloak in the presence of such forces.
  • Initiates deep inner travel, making it ideal for soul retrieval and shamanic journeying

Blue Jade

  • Activates higher energies and grounds excess energies.
  • Smooths the process of transformation and helps one remain connected to spirit through crisis.
  • Soothes the emotional body and assists in maintaining a calm, objective demeanor.

Green Jade – Jadeite

  • Can assist in various types of self-healing, both emotional and physical.
  • It is associated with the heart, and is also believed to help one to find prosperity and abundance.
  • Releases limitations and enhances luck.

Green Jade – Nephrite

  • Creates balance in relationships
  • Talisman of protection that blesses anyone who touches it
  • Integrates subtle energies of the universe into the body

Lemurian Jade

  • Black jade with inclusions of pyrite
  • Promotes spiritual growth and consciousness.
  • Can be used to access shadow sides of self.
  • Provides inner clarity and strength.

Purple Jade

  • Fills one with mirth and happiness.
  • Purifies one’s aura
  • Dispels negative feelings and allows spontaneous joy.

Yellow Jade

  • Promotes inner peace, joy and happiness.
  • Clarifies the interconnectedness of all Life and all Beings.
  • Draws good fortune and abundant energy
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