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13″ Smoky Enhydro Quartz Tabby Specimen


Out of stock

Height: 13″

Width: 8″

Length: 1.75″

Weight: 1lbs 3 ounces
Smoky Quartz
  • Removes blockages to physical energy associated with fear and early negative experiences.
  • Balances and cleanses the meridians and subtle bodies.
  • Turns wishes and dreams into a reality.
Enhydro Quartz
  • Type of quartz that contains fluid, most likely liquid silica.
  • Promotes empathy and can also help one apply rationale to their ideas.
  • Great tool for long term healing and its energy will change with the user over time as they work through their afflictions.
Tabular Quartz
  • Quartz terminations that grow in wide flat “tabs” (making them great massage tools!)
  • Excellent for activating other stones
  • Promotes cohesion in groups

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