Offers protection from negative energies in one’s environment and helps one to stay on highest path. Enhances psychic abilities. Relieves stress and helps one to break bad connections or habits.


Assists in maintaining serenity in trying circumstances. Heals past wounds & releases long held drama and ego. Provides insight and helps one center for meditation


Formed in rapidly oxidizing copper sulfide deposits. Helps one stabilize during emotionally intense periods. Said to lose its lustre as a warning in times of imminent danger.


Heals issues related to a lack of grounding. Attracts that which one needs to survive. Alleviates worries over situations that are out of one’s control.

Fluorite (all colors)

A useful stone for clarifying one’s mental processes and bringing one’s energies ‘down to earth’. Believed to facilitate enhanced concentration and more rapid learning, as well as better judgment. Excellent for calming chaotic …

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Associated with alchemy. Sets one forth on the path to enlightenment, refusing to let them stray course until they’ve reached their destination. Ideal for soul retrieval, allowing the user to sink many levels …

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Garnet (all variations)

Garnet (all) Used for grounding, purification, elimination and cleansing. Boosts vitality, sexuality and fertility. Deals with issues of survival and abandonment. Almandine Garnet Activates the portal of connection to the physical world Helps …

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Alleviates and brings grief to the surface to be healed. Has very powerful protection energies to ward off evil, negativity, and psychic attacks. It is also said to protect finances and protect from …

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Lava Stone

Helps combat abrasive character traits and alleviates negative attitudes. Reminds one not to drown in their despair when faced with heavy emotional burdens. Can help one settle karmic issues.


Aligns the auric field and brings about balance to the energetic bodies. Grounds excessive energies preventing psychic burn-out and limits mood swings. It helps protective energy for psychics and healers.


Provides protection from karmic danger and release from fear. Offers the user the opportunity to resolve the inner tensions that bring about repeating patterns of difficulty. Attracts money, business success and fertility.


Gently opens the solar plexus chakra and stimulates the intellect. Allows one to become more comfortable with their ideas. Helps one find other modes of action towards solving a problem.

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