Garnet (all variations)

Garnet (all)

  • Used for grounding, purification, elimination and cleansing.
  • Boosts vitality, sexuality and fertility.
  • Deals with issues of survival and abandonment.

Almandine Garnet

  • Activates the portal of connection to the physical world
  • Helps one manifest a realistic vision of themselves here on Earth
  • Stone of psychic protection that makes it difficult for negative energies to attach themselves to the user

Grossular Garnet

  • Excellent for those who have had money problems and wish to reform.
  • Benefits new business ventures by facilitating warm contact with clients.
  • Strengthens stability in lawsuits and challenges, transforming lower forms of response and reaction to loving forms of reply.

Rhodolite Garnet

  • Activates connection to one’s angels and spirit guides.
  • Puts one in touch with heart’s desire.
  • Offers emotional healing, particularly in regard to matters involving guilt and shame.

Spessartine Garnet

  • Helps manifest dreams and visions.
  • Encourages optimism, confidence, daring, and action.
  • Helps one move past creative blocks.

Uvaroite Garnet

  • Removes feelings of inadequecy whether it be in love, finances, or self confidence.
  • Opens the heart to everything it truly needs.
  • Helps one clear away negative attachments and surrender to the manifestation of the highest and best.
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