Heightens intellect and promotes openness to learning Supports an objective pride in ones abilities, allowing for humility and respect of other’s contributions Heals the heart and aligns the chakras


Promotes forgiveness and healing of inner wounds. Helps one identify and clear karmic patterns. Removes all blockages and aligns the chakras

Dragon Stone

Calming and grounding, making it a great stone for sleep. Banishes nightmares. Calls forth positive thoughts of healing and beauty.


Stone of unconditional love. Eliminates negativity and enhances meditation. Bring prosperity and harmony.


Quiets the inner critic and allows one to explore their personal power fully. Enhances perception and opens the heart to positive patterns in all aspects of life. Can create abundance and prosperity and …

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Fluorite (all colors)

A useful stone for clarifying one’s mental processes and bringing one’s energies ‘down to earth’. Believed to facilitate enhanced concentration and more rapid learning, as well as better judgment. Excellent for calming chaotic …

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Helps one to “bounce back” after particularly tense experiences. Promotes knowledge of physical healing and maintaining a healthy life. Supports examination of issues relating to social interations and the material world.


Helps attract and solidify soul-love connections and dissolves relationship blockages. Allows for expression of love and bottled emotions. Heals deep psychic wounds and aids with recovery from addiction and abuse and can be …

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Kyanite – Green

Helps one harmonize with the equilibrium of the environment around them. Can act as a sincerity detector. Supports astral travel and communication with Earth spirits.


Assists one in the discovery and practice of magic. Unleashes the power of imagination to help release limitations. Provides quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration.


Provides protection from karmic danger and release from fear. Offers the user the opportunity to resolve the inner tensions that bring about repeating patterns of difficulty. Attracts money, business success and fertility.

Meteorite, Pallasite

Grounds those who are spacey. Connects with energy of abundance and manifests intentions. Helps stabilize the emotional field, especially for empaths. 

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