Useful for energizing and harmonizing the heart and throat chakras, bringing an enhanced ability to clearly communicate the wisdom of the heart. Removes blockages to emotional bonding with others. Helps one ‘shine’ in …

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Apophyllite, Green

Enhances honesty. Reduces fears, anxieties, and apprehensions. Amplifies one’s connection with nature, particularly devas, faeries, and earth spirits.

Atlantisite (Stichtite in Serpentine)

Releases negative emotions, such as grief and sadness, and balances one’s emotional state. Assists one in giving and accepting forgiveness. Excellent as a meditation tool, especially when used for clarifying issues and gaining …

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Assists one in releasing attachment and being present on one’s life. Helps one to heal and move forward. Promotes hope, optimism, and joy in everyday life.


Stone of courage. Brings strength of mind, firmness of purpose & confidence in difficult situations. Used to assist one in taking the actions dictated by the heart’s desire.


Formed in rapidly oxidizing copper sulfide deposits. Helps one stabilize during emotionally intense periods. Said to lose its lustre as a warning in times of imminent danger.

Buddstone (Verdite)

Can be used to gain information from one’s elders, both past and living. “Polishes” away one’s abrasive tendencies and ease disharmony in relationships. Stimulates the first four chakras, encouraging the movement of Kundalini …

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Calcite (All variations)

Clear Calcite (Icelandic Spar) Amplifies intent, helping to bring it into the physical world. Helps one clearly see the root of problems. Assists with forgiveness and resolving contradictions in one’s life. Blue Calcite …

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Chalcopyrite/Peacock Ore

Assist one in finding “lost” objects Accumulates information which will be beneficial to the user. Great stone for overall awareness and can strengthen one’s contact with the ancient cultures of the universe.


Enhances feminine energies and activates one’s connection to the goddess. Clears the throat chakra and assists with speaking one’s highest truth. Awakens compassion, balances emotions and brings peace to the mind and heart.


Resolves emotional imbalances and awakens the heart. Promotes forgiveness and compassion for others. Connects one to nature and encourages a youthful outlook on life.

Lemon Chrysoprase (Citron)

Helps relieve heartache and emotional tension. Heals the sacral chakra and improves fertility Brings a renewed sense of energy to the wearer.

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