Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are carved from ancient Himalayan pink salt. The salt that makes up the rocks that are made into the beautiful array of lamp shapes comes from deep within the earth. Pink Himalayan Salt is about 250 million years old! Since it is left over from an ancient ocean, it is composed of a special blend of minerals that you won’t find in either table or sea salt. More than eighty minerals include copper, magnesium, potassium, and iron – which gives its signature pink hue. The soothing pink offers anyone who sees it a form of color therapy, and so can be a gentle nightlight. Authentic Salt Lamps like ours come from one specific mine in Pakistan, the source of ancient Himalayan salt. Benefits of a salt lamp’s warm pink glow can include negative ionization and balanced PH. 

Stay positive with negative ions

When you switch on a salt lamp, the warmth of the bulb does two things: it shines through the translucent pink salt, creating that signature glow. Secondly, it heats up the salt. Moisture in the air around you is naturally attracted to the dry heat of the salt. This creates a cycle of absorbing the water from the air into the salt rock, which then evaporates out back into the air due to the heat of the lamp. The water molecules are then said to carry a negative charge, becoming ionized by gaining an  extra electron. This ionized air then traps dust, allergens and other yucky particles. Many people who are energetically sensitive feel that their salt lamp helps clear away negativity and EMFs, too.

Keep one by your desk to help ionize away the electromagnetic smog. Freshen the energy in your space alongside your favorite chunk of tourmaline.

Candle vs bulb

We have two ways you can enjoy combining salt and light — the plug-in electric Salt Lamps in an array of creative shapes (animals, pyramids, cones, chunks, and spheres) and an equally fun range of smaller shapes for candle holders. Of course only the lamps can be left on (away from papers and cloth), while candles have to be watched as they burn! 

Care of your salt lamp

Your salt lamp requires some special care because of the unique reaction it has with the air around it. You’ll notice that if you leave it off for more than a day, it will start to sweat — without any heat, the water collects and isn’t able to evaporate. So you can keep it on all the time or at least during the day or night to prevent the “sweat”. As a precaution, keep the salt lamp away from delicate furniture, books, and home electronics, since if left off for too long in damp weather, you might find a dry, salty “puddle” around the lamp base (which you can clean with a wet cloth). You can place a towel beneath one in a humid room like your bathroom.

There is no need to clean the lamp surface with water. If you find it gets dusty after some time just apply a dry cloth to cleanse the surface.

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