Stones for Birthdays and Zodiac Signs

Since ancient times, people have felt that the energy of stones can be associated with times of birth. The most common ways we can match our birthdates with our stone friends is according to birth month or zodiac sign.

You can think of the birth month gem as a general idea and the zodiac (Sun sign) as a more specific option. Bonus if you know your Moon or Rising sign – stones matching those would make a great pairing with your Sun sign’s gem! (Other astrological connections can be made to strong or ruling planets in your chart and these gems, too.)

Traditional birthstones by month


FEBRUARY: Amethyst

MARCH: Aquamarine

APRIL: Diamond

MAY: Emerald

JUNE: Pearl

JULY: Ruby

AUGUST: Peridot




DECEMBER: Turquoise

Alternative Birthstones

JANUARY: Emerald, Rose quartz

FEBRUARY: Onyx, Moonstone

MARCH: Bloodstone, Jade

APRIL:  Quartz, Opal

MAY: Sapphire, Agate

JUNE: Alexandrite, Moonstone

JULY: Carnelian, Onyx

AUGUST: Sardonyx, Jade

SEPTEMBER: Lapis Lazuli, Agate

OCTOBER: Tourmaline, Jasper

NOVEMBER: Citrine, Smoky Quartz

DECEMBER: Zircon, Blue Topaz

Zodiac Sign Associations (Standard, additional and healing)

ARIES: Ruby, Diamond (Carnelian, Fire Agate, Iron Pyrite, Citrine, Red Jasper) Amethyst

TAURUS Emerald, Peridot (Malachite, Aquamarine, Rhodonite, Green Tourmaline) Blue lace Agate

GEMINI: Blue Agate, Blue Tourmaline/ Indicolite (Chrysocolla, Blue Topaz, Serpentine) Rutilated Quartz and Hiddenite

CANCER: Moonstone (Pink Tourmaline, Petalite, Opal) Pink Carnelian

LEO: Tiger’s Eye, Cat’s Eye (Rose quartz, Kunzite, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Carnelian, Red Garnet) Bloodstone

VIRGO: Sardonyx, Peridot (Fluorite, Moss Agate, Yellow Sapphire) Sugilite, Amber

LIBRA: Opal, Blue Sapphire (Blue Celestite, Chiastolite, Fluorite, Lapis, Aquamarine, Ametrine) Jade

SCORPIO: Malachite, Turquoise (Hawk’s Eye/ Falcon’s Eye/ Blue tiger’s eye, Apache Tear, Larimar, Rhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz, Aragonite, Scepter Quartz) Chrysoprase, Topaz

SAGITTARIUS: Topaz, Turquoise (Labradorite, Garnet, Dioptase, Red Tourmaline, Rhyolite) Charoite

CAPRICORN: Onyx, Red Garnet (Azurite, Jet, Galena, Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Pietersite) Cathedral Quartz, Calcite

AQUARIUS: Aquamarine, Moonstone (Blue Celestite, Moldavite, Chrysoprase, Bloodstone) Amethyst

PISCES: Amethyst (Beryl, Fuchsite, Sodalite, Morganite, Kyanite) Lepidolite

If you are into astrology, you might notice how the zodiac stones mostly share a color or vibe with the planet that rules the sign. For example, Aries is ruled by Mars the warrior and associates with fiery, red stones. Taurus is ruled by beautiful Venus and is matched with Venusian stones like Emerald (although some traditions will also associate that green stone with Mercury – which rules Gemini and Virgo). If we look to other cultures for their astrological gem symbolism, we can see how people vibe it out differently. Rather than being confusing, we hope these new associations can help you find the stone that feels best for your sign!

Indian (Vedic) Astrology Gems for planets:

(If you know your ruling planet or one that is strongly placed in your chart, try that one from this list)

Sun: Ruby

Moon: Pearl

Mercury: Emerald

Venus: Diamond

Mars: Red Coral

Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz

Saturn: Blue Sapphire

Chinese astrology, as you might know, is based on a twelve-year cycle of Animal Signs. 

Find yours and match it with your Chinese Zodiac gem:

Rat – Garnet

Ox – Aquamarine

Tiger – Sapphire

Rabbit – Pearl

Dragon – Amethyst

Snake – Opal

Horse – Topaz

Goat – Emerald

Monkey – Peridot

Rooster – Citrine

Dog – Diamond

Pig – Ruby

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