Topaz (all variations)

White/Colorless Topaz

  • Magnifies whatever energy or intention is put into it
  • Speeds up the vibrational energy of one’s dreams so they may manifest in reality
  • Helps one to perceive the truth and hone their intuitive gifts.

Blue Topaz

  • Enhances self expression and communication.
  • Allows one to clearly verbalize their desires and needs.
  • Allows one to communicate thoughts in a fashion which is easily understood by others.

Golden Imperial Topaz

  • Excellent stone for manifestation.
  • Helps one align their thoughts and actions with intention.
  • Attracts teachers and mentors into your life when they are needed.

Mystic Topaz

  • Clear topaz treated with titanium, producing a striking array of colors.
  • Great stone for focus and clarifying one’s intention.
  • Gives one the push to begin working towards manifesting that intention.
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