Calcite (All variations)

Clear Calcite (Icelandic Spar)

  • Amplifies intent, helping to bring it into the physical world.
  • Helps one clearly see the root of problems.
  • Assists with forgiveness and resolving contradictions in one’s life.

Blue Calcite

  • Enhances the ability to communicate one’s inner truth.
  • Heightens inner visionary experiences.
  • Stimulates the throat and third eye chakras.

Dog’s Tooth Calcite

  • Helps one connect to higher guides to understand their life’s purpose.
  • Centering, allowing one to clearly ‘hear’ the answer.
  • Aids learning and is a favorite stone of students.

Green Calcite

  • Works with the Heart Chakra
  • Brings emotional balance and a knowledge of Divine Love.
  • Helps one to look at situations differently, with the knowledge that, whether good or bad, “this too shall pass”.

Honey Calcite

  • Believed to be able to help one relax and recharge one’s energies, both physical and spiritual.
  • Said to aid in tasks requiring organized thinking and planning.
  • Helps manifest dreams.

Orange Calcite

  • Activates the 2nd chakra, enhancing sexual energies, as well as one’s creative abilities.
  • Beneficial to one’s physical energies.
  • Facilitates a state of increased vitality & a strong sense of purpose.

Pink Calcite

  • Clears past trauma from the emotional body.
  • Excellent for all aspects of emotional healing.
  • Radiates love and compassion and helps one act from the truth of their heart.

Pink Mangano Calcite

  • Increases empathy.
  • Dispels arguments and stubbornness in oneself and others
  • Great for resolving issues between parents and children.

Red Calcite

  • Stone of soft vitality, energizing the user in subtle ways
  • Brings one into the physical body and raises sensory awareness
  • Helps one commit to lifestyle changes

Yellow Calcite

  • Enhances one’s will and self confidence
  • Recommended for anger management as it soothes passionate feelings that can lead to violence
  • Provides a sense of new hope and optimism for the future
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