Assists in maintaining serenity in trying circumstances. Heals past wounds & releases long held drama and ego. Provides insight and helps one center for meditation


Helps integrate one’s connection with spirit into the physical world, or rather, it reminds the user that Heaven is already on earth, and reveals the embodiments of the Divine in everyday life. Improves …

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Bumble Bee Jasper

Combination of orpiment, hematite, anhydrite, and sulfur. Stimulates the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Allows for improved self-esteem and confidence in decision making.

Calcite (All variations)

Clear Calcite (Icelandic Spar) Amplifies intent, helping to bring it into the physical world. Helps one clearly see the root of problems. Assists with forgiveness and resolving contradictions in one’s life. Blue Calcite …

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Produces strong will Assists in endeavors requiring bravery and courage Enhances worldly abilities

Citrine – Heat-Treated

Enables one to be more assertive and outgoing. Dispels heaviness of emotion and allows one to see things in a more positive light. Helps one enforce boundaries with others.


Provides a link between Earth and the higher realms, allowing energy from the Divine to be manifested in this world. Helps one combat lethargy and restlessness by providing initiative. Improves confidence and can …

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Desert Rose

Helpful in reducing stress and anxiety as well as overcoming shyness. Creates a peaceful atmosphere. Can be used in past life regression and recall.

Goldstone (all variations)

Man made gemstone that has been around since the European Rennaissance. Early monks working at a glass factory near Venice, Italy were practicing alchemy when molten copper accidentally tipped into a molten glass …

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Pecos Diamonds

Stabilizes unsettled emotions and bring joyful feelings. Assists in creativity and initiation. Motivates one to try new ventures, new ideas or to play out an existing plan or goal.


Facilitates travel through various spheres of existence, culminating in access to the Akashic records. Promotes strong loyalty to the self and recognition of one’s inner beauty. Supports courage in situations where the outcome …

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Associated with the ancient triple goddess powers. Promotes steadfast relationships. Helps those in grief to see meaning in life again.

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