Assists in maintaining serenity in trying circumstances. Heals past wounds & releases long held drama and ego. Provides insight and helps one center for meditation

Aventurine – Red

Stone of vitality. Assists with perseverance, helping one push through difficult periods and giving them the strength to get things done. Improves confidence and may help with various forms of sexual dysfunction.


Helps integrate one’s connection with spirit into the physical world, or rather, it reminds the user that Heaven is already on earth, and reveals the embodiments of the Divine in everyday life. Improves …

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Calcite (All variations)

Clear Calcite (Icelandic Spar) Amplifies intent, helping to bring it into the physical world. Helps one clearly see the root of problems. Assists with forgiveness and resolving contradictions in one’s life. Blue Calcite …

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Increases vitality Enhances creativity and, in adults, heightened sexuality. Brings people who are ‘too spiritual’ into an enjoyment and appreciation of the physical world.


Talisman of alchemical transformation Brings out one’s inner magician Heightens sensitivity to psychic energies


Heals issues related to a lack of grounding. Attracts that which one needs to survive. Alleviates worries over situations that are out of one’s control.

Garnet (all variations)

Garnet (all) Used for grounding, purification, elimination and cleansing. Boosts vitality, sexuality and fertility. Deals with issues of survival and abandonment. Almandine Garnet Activates the portal of connection to the physical world Helps …

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Pecos Diamonds

Stabilizes unsettled emotions and bring joyful feelings. Assists in creativity and initiation. Motivates one to try new ventures, new ideas or to play out an existing plan or goal.


Facilitates travel through various spheres of existence, culminating in access to the Akashic records. Promotes strong loyalty to the self and recognition of one’s inner beauty. Supports courage in situations where the outcome …

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Ruby In Fuschite

Encourages facing the future with trust and confidence. Promotes self esteem and greater discernment when choosing romantic partners. Infuses one with life force energy and powers through blockages.

Ruby in Granite

Combines the protective grounding energies of granite with the root chakra balancing effect of ruby to offer a powerful stone for relationship work and development of personal power. Cultivates discernment while bringing awareness …

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