Obsidian (all variations)

Black Obsidian/Apache Tear

  • Relieves grief and sadness and assists in giving and accepting forgiveness.
  • Releases negative emotions, and balances one’s emotional state.
  • Excellent as a meditation tool, especially when used for clarifying issues and gaining insight.

Blue Obsidian

  • Brings mental clarity and provides increased communication.
  • Helpful in divination and telepathy.
  • Good for getting rid of headaches.

Green Obsidian

  • Excellent stone for psychic protection, as it is known for gently removing the hook-up cords connecting us to sources of negative energy.
  • Brings out the user’s inner warrior and is believed to have been used by indigenous peoples to make knives and ritual items.
  • Resonates with the heart chakra.

Mahogany Obsidian

  • Stimulates growth of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual centers.
  • Used in the elimination of energy blockages.
  • Relieves tension.

Pale Lavender Obsidian

  • Helps facilitate astral travel.
  • Stimulates one’s intuitive abilities and opens one to visions from their spirit guides.
  • Can produce euphoria when entering a meditative state.

Pineapple Obsidian

  • Combines the properties of obsidian and sulfur
  • Removes negative and distracting influences, promoting an abundance of energy and inspiration.
  • Helps to balance energy within.

Rainbow Obsidian

  • Helps one journey into the inner depths to find the Light buried beneath.
  • Assists with soul retrieval.
  • Encourages hope and optimism in the face of difficulty.

Snowflake Obsidian

  • Powerful stone of psychic protection.
  • Purifies the auric field of negative influences from within and without.
  • Dispels bad dreams and anxiety and helps one align with the Divine Light.

Strawberry Obsidian

  • Excellent choice for those who lack confidence.
  • Stimulates the root and heart chakras and helps one face their true self with honesty, compassion, and love.
  • Especially helpful for people in abusive situations, as it will give them the confidence to stand up for themselves and end the situation once and for all.
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