Opal (all variations)

Opal (all)

  • Amplifies traits and characteristics.
  • Brings happy dreams, releases inhibitions and encourages memory.
  • Can increase faithfulness and loyalty

Common Opal

  • Cleanses and rebalances the etheric body.
  • Increases ones ability to earn and retain money.
  • Stimulates one’s sense of self worth and enhances working environments and business relationships.

Fire Opal

  • Instills a sense of fascination with the mysteries of the Universe.
  • Ameliorates feelings of “burn-out” and brings hope for the future.
  • Adds a brilliance and clarity to intuitive and reflective processes

Green Opal

  • Assists with cleansing of the physical body and helps one find resources to do such.
  • Promotes relaxation, and the emergence of solutions to problems while one is in a state of relaxation.
  • Instills knowledge that one is in control of the outcome of their life.

Pink Opal

  • Helps with renewal of spiritual contracts
  • Promotes love and non-violence
  • Releases old patterns and supports actualization of self


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